Yamaha C40 Guitar Review

Yamaha C40










          • Lightweight
          • Cheap
          • Great For beginners
          • Quality Material


          • It takes a while for the strings to settle

          yamaha c40 review

          Before we begin the Yamaha c40 guitar review, i have to say that it is a classic and a great one. Before we start talking about the instrument, i will talk about the accessories it comes with.

          The Accessories 

          The guitar should come shipped inside a box made specially for guitars. Inside the box is obviously the instrument, which is packed inside the gig bag it comes with. The gig bag is a nice and ‘cushiony’ , and it’s made of really sturdy material and the zippers on it go up and down very easily. So just from the first glance you can tell it’s very high quality material. That’s a good indication of a high quality product.

          In addition to that, you get an excellent click-on guitar tuner. The display on it is very crisp and very clear. Since the tuner is a chromatic one, it lets you do everything you want, so it’s very easy to use and it’s fully functional. In the box, there is a DVD included, which will help you use the guitar and the accessories.

          Okay so let’s talk about the guitar.

          The Guitar

          First of all, the Yamaha C40 is very light, and that’s a great thing because it will be very easy to carry it around. The material is very strong and you can feel it by just one touch even if you are not an advanced guitar player.

          When you first buy a guitar, the main test you should do is look over the edges of the neck, and see if the neck is bent our out of shape in any way. The Yamaha C40 passed the test and we noticed that it was perfectly in shape.

          The tuning mechanisms work very well. They are easy but not too easy to operate, so it means they are really good quality and made out of good material.

          The most controversial  thing about this guitar are the strings. The guitar comes with the strings attached to it and ready to play, after you tune it using the tuner it comes with, obviously. c40-2Now the
          controversial part is that people say it loses it’s tuning and that they have to constantly re-tune it, but that is normal, because the strings are new. This happens on most of the guitars and it’s nothing to worry about, since it takes time for the strings to settle buy zithromax.

          The guitars body is shiny and you can see the reflection of light. If you don’t like the glossiness of it, you can get the wood version, and in my opinion, both of the options are great.

          The sound is great. It has a very rich, full and distinct sound. When we test new guitars, we play them for a while to find any problems with them, but we couldn’t spot any ‘weirdness’ with the Yamaha C40 guitar’s sound so far.

          If you’re a professional guitar player, then you might not want to get a guitar in this price range, because this guitar’s price is cheap compared to other guitars of this category, but if you are a beginner,or if you are slightly advanced or if you just want to own a classic guitar to just enjoy the instrument, then this is an excellent choice for you.


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