Taylor GS Mini Koa Guitar Review

Taylor GS Mini Koa E










          • Lightweight
          • Great Looks
          • Strong Material


          • Expensive For Beginners


          Today we are going to review a wonderful Taylor guitar. I would say this is a variation of one of my favorite travel guitars that is out there, i call it a travel guitar because the GS Mini is a small guitar. If you’ve read our other reviews, you should have noticed that we love the GS Mini’s because they are wonderful small guitars and when this variation came out we were amazed.

          The First Look

          taylor gs mini koa eThis is the GS Mini Koa E guitar, where the ‘E’ means that this guitar has the EST electronic system on board. What i love about this guitar is that it has everything that the GS Mini series have. You can travel with it, it’s very small and it has a great volume for a small guitar and it has a solid color top.

          First of all, visually this guitar is stunning. I really love the color and design of this guitar. The bridge of this guitar is solid ebony with the tusk saddle, it has also an ebony fingerboard with small dot inlay. The size of the fingerboard (from the top to the bridge) is around 23.5 inches, which means it is very comfortable. The headstock of this guitar is standard, and similar to the other taylor guitars. The back and the sides of this guitar are made with layered koa, so that means it’s made out of layered pieces and not a solid one.

          The sound is also wonderful. It offers warmth with some really nice composure on the high end, and it adds a brilliance to it. Take a standard GS mini, and add a little taylor gs mini koa headshimmer and a little panache and looks, and you get the Taylor GS mini Koa guitar.

          The back doesn’t have any bracing on it and that arch gives it a little bit more support and structural integrity, so this guitar is not only easy to travel with because of it’s size but because it’s really light as well.

          It comes with a soft case, which is a very well padded case and is made out of high quality material. This case will allow you to take your guitar with you wherever you go. After you unbox it, the guitar will be ready to play.


          So, to finish it all off, this is an amazing guitar which should be a part of your collection. If you are a beginner, you should look for cheaper guitars, because investing that much in your first guitar is not worth it in my opinion, because beginners tend to quit very fast. If you are an advanced guitar player, then this guitar will definitely be the correct choice for you, since it has everything you would want in a guitar. The sound is amazing, the looks are amazing, the portability is amazing… everything about this guitar is great.

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