Why You Should Learn To Play The Guitar

Did you know that playing an instrument has a lot of effect in your brain and your overall health?

Learning to play an instrument is the best favor you can do to yourself, because there are a lot of benefits to it. It’s a great thing to do when you are bored or feeling down. You can just pick up your instrument and start playing. You have no idea how good you will feel after you are done.

Every musical instrument has its own uniqueness and power, but my favorite is the guitar. Both the electric and the acoustic guitar are really an amazing instrument, because they are the most portable ones and you can take them anywhere you want. If you don’t know where to start you can check out the best acoustic guitars here Discover More.

So what are the benefits of playing an instrument?

  1. It improves¬†your memory –¬†On the recent years, there have been studies about that, and they found out that both playing and listening to music can increase your memory.
  2. Boosts your team skills – To be successful in life, you should always surround yourself and work with successful or skilled people, the same thing is applied in music. Playing an instrument most of the time requires a band and there you will learn how to handle working in a team.
  3. You become persistent – Learning to play any kind of instrument takes a lot of time and persistence. If you love a song a lot and you are determined to learn to play it, you will do that by being persistent.
  4. Improves your mathematics – Everyone hates maths, right? Well by playing an instrument, you will slightly improve you mathematics because reading music requires counting notes and other things.
  5. You become more responsible – Owning anything requires responsibility. Owning an instrument requires extra responsibility, because you need to look after it. You need to clean it, change the strings, tune it etc.
  6. Improves your concentration – Learning something requires concentration, and it’s the same case when learning to play an instrument. To be able to play an instrument professionally you need to concentrate on the rhythm, tempo, pitch etc.
  7. Improves your social skills – Playing an instrument will make you go out more and maybe become famous. You will socialize with other people that play instruments too.
  8. Guitars are portable – You can take your guitar anywhere you go with you if you have a gig bag. To play it, just take it out of the bag and start. Other instruments such as the piano can’t be moved that easily so yeah, that’s another reason why you should learn to play the guitar.

So, as you can see, learning to play an instrument, especially a guitar has many benefits. We managed to list some of them to give you an idea. Guitars are also very cheap compared to other instruments, so if you are thinking of starting to play an instrument, i would definitely suggest you to start with a guitar.

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