Electric vs Acoustic Guitars – Which One Is Better For You?

Since you’ve landed on this page, you probably are looking to start learning to play the guitar, but you are not sure which one to pick, the electronic or the acoustic guitar. In this article we are going to go in depth about each of them, so in the end you can figure out which one is more suitable for you.

Starting to play the guitar is not as complicated as people make it out to be. Some of them say you should learn yourself, some say you should take lessons. Some say start with an electric guitar, others say start with an acoustic guitar and many more pointless reasons. In everything in this world, there are people that are in favor and against of something, so remember, in everything do whatever you feel is the best useful source.

Okay so, let’s break down both of the guitars in detail, so at the end we can decide which one is the right guitar for you.

Acoustic Guitars

acoustic-guitarIf you are a follower of this blog, then you probably have read our article on how guitars are made, in which we went in detail how they are built from scratch.

Acoustic guitars are most of the time created with hollow wood, and they are designed to be played without an amplifier, which is a great thing for beginners which do not want to mess with a lot of equipment at the start of their guitar career.

Most people prefer acoustic guitars because they are very easy to handle, they are not heavy and all you have to do is pick up the guitar and start playing. They require way less equipment than electric guitars, and most of the time they are cheaper and can be found easier in guitar shops. They have heavier gauge strings, and to play it correctly you need a firmer push against the guitars fingerboard.

Acoustic guitars are also easier to carry around and you can take them on road trips easier than the electric ones, so unless your job is to play the guitar, the acoustic guitars are the ones to go for.

There is a myth saying that everyone MUST start with an acoustic guitar because it’s harder to play and that will make your hands and fingers stronger while you play, but many people have proven this myth to be wrong.

If you would like to see the best acoustic guitars for beginners you can check out our article.


Pros Cons
Cheaper Harder On The Fingers
Easy to Play Can’t play some types of rock music with it
Easy to move around

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are very popular in the 21st century, and most famous rock and metal bands today use electric guitars for their music. This has woken a great desire for the younger population to electric-guitargo after them, and they have had a huge rise in demand in the last decades.

As you may know so far, this type of guitars need an amplifier to be played correctly, because without one, they would be too quiet for anyone to hear which means most of the time they have to be plugged in.

These types of guitars work a bit differently, unlike on the acoustic guitars, these work with the use of magnetic pickups, which are magnets with wire around them. When you play on the fingerboard, the sound gets transferred to the amplifier in the form of electricity, which then reverses the Wholesale nfl Jerseys process, and makes the electric signal back to sound. As you can see the electric guitars go through a longer process to play the sounds, unlike in the other type of guitars where the sound is played immediately.

In this kind of guitars, the necks are a bit slimmer, and they have a lower playing action and lower strings, and that makes them much easier to play on.

Pros Cons
Perfect for Rock & Metal Expensive
Can get much more sounds Extra Equipment Required
Easier on the fingers


Like in everything else, you get to make the final decision and choose the correct guitar for you.

First of all, you need to figure out what you want.

Do you want to play songs of your favorite metal bands? 

Get an Electric guitar, because with the acoustic guitar you won’t be able to get the same sound no matter how hard you try

Do you want to learn faster and easier?

Get an Electric guitar, because they are proven to be much easier to learn from, and there are a lot of tutorials around them.

Do you want to get one just for fun?

Acoustic Guitar will be a great solution for you, because as we mentioned above they are very easy to carry around and can be played at any time without the need of other equipment.

Also please keep in mind that you should not buy an electric guitar if you are not planning wholesale football jerseys china on playing on a band, because only the sound of Cheap Jordans the electric guitar is too hard and won’t sound good without having a bassist and a drummer. If you want it for personal use, just get english (streek), an acoustic guitar and follow some of the hundreds of tutorials online on how to play it.

Tutorials for the acoustic guitar are found easier on websites like YouTube, since they are cheaper and more people use them.


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