Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Since you have landed on this page, you are probably looking to purchase yourself a new toy and if you decided to learn to play an instrument you’ve done the correct thing. In this article we are going to look into detail for the best acoustic guitars for beginners.

Guitars are the best instruments for people that are just getting into music for the first time, since they are cheap, they are easy to learn and can impress a lot of people. You can find a lot of resources about guitars, such as toning tutorials, song tutorials etc online for completely free.

Most people that are new to guitars, make the mistake of buying the best-looking guitar, without going much into detail. This is the reason most of them fail to learn to play it, and they lose motivation and never pick it up again. In this article i am going to make sure that does not happen to you and i will help you pick the best guitars depending on your budget and you preferences.

So, replica oakleys let’s get started, shall we?

The 7 Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

7. Jasmine S35

Jasime S35 Acoustic GuitarSo, we are going to start this list with the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar. This is a great choice for most of the beginners, since it’s cheap, it’s easy to handle and is not too complicated. I listed this guitar on the 7th spot because it’s a great choice for beginners, and comes at a great price. Like everything else in this world, it has its downsides too, but they won’t be noticed too much by beginners. Most people would give you an alternative, they would tell you to go buy a used guitar for cheap, but in this case, we have a NEW guitar which has not been used before by anyone but you, and you get it for the same price as an used one.

This is a standard guitar, like the ones you see on the movies most of the time, and it doesn’t have any fancy paintings or expensive looking things in it, but it definitely does the job. If you’ve read our article on how guitars are made, then you would know that most of them are made out of very rare wood, and the Jasmine S35 is not an exception.

Jasmine has been in the guitar manufacturing business for a long time, and all of their products have been amazing, and with the S35, they also did an amazing job and oakley outlet provided us with a cheap and high quality guitar. The only not so good thing i noticed about this guitar are the strings. They are very low quality and will probably be unusable in a short period of time, but there is a solution for that. You can buy great strings for only $5, and you can change them yourself at home by following this tutorial showing you how to change your guitar strings at home.

So to conclude everything, this is a great sounding, great looking and great playing guitar for beginners which is affordable.

6. Crescent MG38-NR

crescent guitarAt number 6, we are going to list the Crescent MG38-NR Acoustic guitar, because this guitar is an extremely cheap one, and is a great choice for beginners. Most beginners on the music industry tend to quit fast, and they get bored often. So if you only want a guitar that can keep you entertained for a few months, then this one would be a great option for you.

It’s a great guitar, but it’s not that high quality and it’s not very durable. I would say it’s worth getting this guitar if you are just getting one for fun to waste some time, because it’s extremely cheap and you probably spend more than this guitars price for a meal.

This guitar comes with everything you need. It comes with a tuner, a guitar bag, a guitar pick, a pair of extra strings and a few more things that can be helpful. So if you only want to learn the basics and first steps of playing a guitar before you buy a better and more expensive one then don’t look no further, because it’s a great guitar.

What i liked most about this guitar is that it comes in 10 different colors, and they are all the same price.

In my honest opinion, this guitar is the best option if you are looking to gift it to someone, or if you are buying for little children, but i would say it’s not the one you need and deserve if you’re serious about learning to play the guitar properly.

5. Protege by Cordoba C100M

cordoba c100m guitarThis is another great guitar for beginners, and it’s been rising in popularity recently due to its high quality mahogany wood back and sides, and also the overall great look.

This is a great guitar for beginners because it’s very lightweight, and it’s shaped perfectly to fit your lap. You can take it anywhere using the bag it comes with, as its very easy to take it around with you wherever you go, and i would say this is one of the most good looking acoustic guitar for this price range.

It comes with very high quality nylon strings which usually have a very good durability and can last for long periods of time. This guitar is made out of Spruce wood, and that kind of wood is known to open up over time, which means it will sound Magazine better the more it ages, unlike the other guitars which do the opposite. Also, don’t forget that you have the tuner included there, which should guarantee you accurate tuning.

What i like the most about the Protege by Cordoba C100m guitar is that it comes in two sizes, the 3/4 and the wholesale nfl jerseys full size. The 3/4 size is meant to be for kids who are just starting out, and the full size is for adults or teenagers who are just starting out. They did a great job with this model and made it suitable for every age and gender. I have not seen any downside of this guitar yet, if i do, i will make sure to update this post!

Overall, this is an amazing guitar for beginners, and if you have money for it, don’t think more, definitely go with this one!

4. Fender FA-100

fender fa-100 guitarAt our number 4 spot, we have another Fender guitar, but this time it’s the FA-100. As i mentioned above, Fender provides really high quality guitars and they’ve been in the market Cheap Oakleys since 1946.

Like the Fender Squier, this one come swith a Gig bag, a tuner, a strap, picks and a great pair of strings in case your default ones wear out. I listed this guitar here because it’s a very good guitar for a beginner. When you buy it, you just have to take it out of the box and you can start playing immediately. This is one of the reasons i love Fender, because they are all about simplicity and high cheap ray ban sungalsses quality.

This is a very durable guitar, but of course, it won’t last for 50 years, so this won’t be the last guitar you will ever own. Well, this is an article for the best acoustic guitars for beginners, and i try to come to rank the guitars based on quality and the price, and the Fender FA-100 is a great pick for this list.

The sound quality and the handling of this guitar is simply great. The strings feel very good on the fingers and you wont have ashy fingers after longer periods of playing this guitar, so this an be another great reason for you to give this guitar a try!

3. Oscar Schmidt OG2SM

oscar schmidt guitarNow this has cheap oakleys sunglasses to be one of my favorite guitar looks-wise, it looks so simple yet so full and beautiful. I wanted to say that i really love the design of this guitar as a start, now let’s go a bit deeper on this guitar.

It’s a great guitar overall, with a high quality build and very beautiful design, but it doesn’t come with any tuners or guitar picks, and that’s a huge disappointment for many people, since the price of this guitar is a bit higher compared to others, but i still thought i should put this guitar in this list since it’s very easy to play and easy to carry around.

I’d like to mention the durability of this guitar, since it’s one of the most important features it has. The Spalted Maple is very strong and will give your guitar a longer lifetime.

This guitar is very loud. The spalted maple makes the guitar sound much more powerful and makes it way louder. The sound quality is definitely amazing and i like how the strings are very easy on the fingers, you don’t have to be aggressive against the strings so it can be louder, because just playing normally on this guitar will be enough!

This guitar is not only for beginners, this guitar can be used by professionals and long-time players too.

I personally started to learn playing the guitar with this exact one, and i still have it and i keep it with my other guitars. It’s been a few years and it’s still playable and the sound quality has not changed at all!

2. Fender Squier

At number 2 of our best guitars of beginners list, we have the Fender Squier guitar. It’s a popular choice among beginners because of the cheap price and the good quality. What most people like about this guitar is that it comes with a guitar bag, clip-on tuner, strap, picks and extra strings without having to pay a dime more than it’s worth. Not many guitars offer that many things in this price range, so Fender gets a big thumbs up for that.

What makes this guitar a great choice for beginners is that it also comes with a instructional DVD, which will help you learn the basics cheap ray ban sungalsses and first steps of playing the guitar.

Fender is a really high quality guitar manufacturer, providing us with great guitars we can choose from. So you can trust them with your purchase without having to worry.

The bag of this guitar is really light and it can be used to carry the guitar around very easily. The only thing that the guitar bag is lacking is an extra storage pocket, for storing the strap the picks and other things that are required, however if you plan to only play it on your house, i don’t think it would help a lot.

Despite of the low price of this guitar, the sound quality and ease of play is amazing. It definitely sounds like a high end guitar that costs thousands of dollars.

To sum it all up, the Fender Squier is a great bundle for beginners who want to start learning to play the guitar, and i would recommend it to anyone!

1. Yamaha C40

yamaha-c40So to finish up this top 7 best acoustic guitars for beginners, we are going to finish it with my favorite guitar of all time, the Yamaha C40. This is a great guitar in every aspect, and can be a great choice for both beginners and experts. If you are an expert, you probably already know that Yamaha is one of the most famous and reputable guitar manufacturers all over the world.

So what’s so special about this guitar?

Well, let’s start. The sides and the back of this guitar are made out of Indonesian mahogany, which is one of the most high quality and most durable materials used for making guitars. The back and the sides are made out of spruce, which as i mentioned above gets better by aging. The fingerboard of this guitar is made out of Javanese rosewood, which also is a high quality wood type.

The strings are made out of nylon, which is the best material for making strings in my opinion, because it’s not as harsh on the fingers like the other guitars, so you can use this guitar for longer periods of time without having any pains in your fingers after you are done playing it.

The fingerboard is designed purposefully for beginners, since it’s a bit wider than on the other guitars, so it means you won’t make much mistakes by touching the other strings while playing, because the beginners tend to do that mistake a lot.

Sound quality is amazing, and it’s loud enough so you can play it calmly but it will still make enough noise to satisfy your ears. Everything about this guitar is perfect in my opinion. The price, the materials used, the size, the color… basically everything.

The quality material makes this guitar one of the most durable guitars for its price range, and i would definitely recommend this guitar to anyone who is serious about learning and using one for long years. This guitar will last you for a very long time, and you won’t ever regret buying it!


What To Look For In A Guitar?

Since we are done listing the best acoustic guitars for beginners, we should now talk about what you should look for when buying a guitar. Every part of a good guitar is important, because each acuostic guitarpart of it has a very important role on the sound it produces and the quality of the sound.

Please make sure to read this whole section if you plan to be satisfied when you buy your guitar, because this section is very important for picking up a guitar that is really good. If you don’t want to, you can select a guitar from my list above, in which i listed the 7 best acoustic guitars for beginners, and you can grab one from there.

Most people make the mistake of buying a guitar without looking at it in detail, and it’s because they don’t know what to look for most of the time. So, in this section we are going to list what you should look for in a guitar when buying

The Body And The Neck

The body and the neck of the guitar are the most important parts of the guitar, and when buying a guitar you should always look for guitars made out of the best type of wood. Every wood type will produce a slightly different sound than the other one, so that means that it’s a very important factor. If you are a beginner, you might not know the best types of wood, so that’s why i am here for. I will explain every type of wood for you.

Types of Body Wood

Guitar body

  • Alder – Alder is a type of wood which has been used since the ’50s for making guitars. One of the most famous brands that make guitars based on alder wood are Fender. Most of their guitars are made out of alder wood. The sound of Alder Wood guitars are mostly strong and clear, and the low notes can be heard better than the higher ones.
  • Ash – Most commonly, nfl jerseys china the wood is used in the form of swamp ash, which is taken from the lower portions of trees that have their roots inside water. This type of guitars mostly sound sweet and calm. This type of wood is mostly used to create slab-bodied guitars, but other types of guitars have been produced too.
  • Basswood – This is one of the most common and most affordable types of wood for guitars. The wood itself is lighter than the other ones and it’s soft. Almost all of the guitars that are made out of basswood produce very high quality sound.
  • Mahogany – Mahogany is also another common type of wood from which guitars are made. Sound quality is great and it sounds warm and soft, so i wouldn’t say this is a great option for people who like to play metal. Mahogany can also be used to make guitar necks, and most of they time if the body is made out of mahogany, then the neck probably is too.
  • Maple – Another common type of wood used for making great looking and sounding guitars. Maple wood is a heavy wood, is dense and same as mahogany, it is used to make bodies and necks too.  The sound is usually bright and precise.
  • Rosewood – This type of wood is mostly used to make fingerboards, but can be used for making the backs and sides of guitars too. This type of wood is very expensive, and so are the guitars. The sound quality is very good and bright.


Types of Neck Wood

The necks of guitars are mostly made out of combined woods, this is for better grip and better sound quality.

Guitar neck

  • Mahogany/Ebony – This is a popular pairing, and each of these wood types does its own job. The ebony makes the fingerboard a bit more tight, and it gives it more clarity and definition. The mahogany gives the ‘warmth’ to it. Ebony is a good material and it won’t let the fingerboard go bad or make it wear off website here.
  • Maple – We mentioned above that this type of wood can be used for both the neck and the body of the guitar. It’s used more for making necks rather than bodies of guitars, and this is because it’s a stronger material. This is the most common type of fingerboards.
  • Maple/Rosewood – In my opinion, this is the best combination for a fingerboard.  I mentioned that maple is a great and strong material, but when you add rosewood to it, it becomes great, because rosewood will make the sound a little sweeter and warmer.


Types of Guitar Strings

I’m sure you thought there is only 1 kind of string, but i am here to prove you wrong. I will list the most commonly used and the best types of guitar strings here. Each of them produce a different sound and feel on the fingers.
guitar strings


  • Bronze – These type of strings are mostly made out of copper and zinc (around 75/25) ratio, and they can be used for any type of music. These produce a bright and clear tone. Phosphor is usually added to this kind of strings to make them more durable, but the sound quality doesn’t change.
  • Brass – These are also common, but i don’t like them personally because they usually smell metallic and the smell sticks to your fingers. They produce a bright and metallic sound.
  • Steel/Silk – These are easier to play on, and they aren’t that hard on the fingers. They produce a soft and quiet sound. They are mostly used for guitars that are rarely played, and these should not be used for playing the guitar daily.
  • Nylon – These are the most common ones and the most liked ones from the public. These are cheap and can be found almost anywhere.

Good luck on buying your new guitar, and if you got any questions or need suggestions, send me a message from the contact us form!

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