6 Tips For Beginner Guitar Players

To learn to play the guitar, you need to be persistent, concentrated and you need to have a desire to learn it. If you have those 3, i will list some of my personal tips for being a really good guitar player.

Take a piece of paper and a pen, and start writing these tips, because i am sure they will help you a lot.

Learn To Play the Guitar Properly

When beginners first start to play the guitar, they usually keep a very bad posture, and if not corrected, they get stuck with it and after a few years they start having unnecessary body pains and aches taqp80g. Keeping a straight spine and a good hand positioning can be hard at first, and you might probably hate me for saying that, but trust me you will thank me later!

Don’t Rush

To be a good guitar player, you should always take things slowly, and master the basics. You should not try to learn to play the guitar by memorizing notes for famous songs. Sure, that might work for short-term learning, but you will experience difficulties playing the basic things on the guitar. Play for at least 2-3 hours a day and you will be a good player.

Don’t Give Up

I see that done by beginners a lot. They start to play a song and then they give up after they see that it isn’t as easy as they thought. This is the turning point of most unsuccessful guitar players. Always make sure you finish what you started. For example if you want to start to learn to play “Smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana, make sure you can play it from start to the end without any flaws, then move to other songs.

Choose The Correct Guitar

Choosing a guitar for beginners is a pretty hard task for some people, and they usually pick up the one that looks better. You should analyze a guitar in detail before deciding if you purchase it, because if your first guitar doesn’t satisfy you, you will get demotivated and i am sure that you won’t purchase a new one.

Find A Partner

Finding a partner is a great thing when learning to play any type of instrument. This will not only generate new ideas and teach you new techniques, but you will also have a ‘friendly competition’ going on, which is a great thing when trying to learning anything.

The Death Grip

Please, always make sure you don’t put your thumb finger over the fretboard. This is a bad practice that many beginners do, and it leads to bad sound. Your thumb will be uncomfortable when you first try to learn to play, but you will get used to it and you will see that it is much better to hold your finger in that way.

Play With Your Fingertips

Playing with your fingers and your fingertips can make a huge difference. Playing with your fingers usually makes you miss notes, because you are holding 2 or more strings at the same time, and on acoustic guitars this is a really bad thing. Always make sure you play with your fingertips for maximum efficiency.


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